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Fast novel and essay editing, book critique and review services.  We can offer to provide a light edit of a 80k novel for around $300 (£200) typically, all correction/additions and changes displayed in red or green, and we offer a fast turnaround service, usually 5-7 days for a full novel, and that will include a plot analysis and any plot errors.

Send us a sample, and we'll make a quick assessment as to how much work your novel may require, we will then get back to you with any available slots. Our editors are British, Canadian and American.

                                                         Email samples to:

Critique services.  We can offer to critique a novel, manuscript or short story for great rates, and we'll suggest improvements. Your book could be critiqued by experienced writers, not old English teachers who've never published a thing.

Our editors do actually put pen to paper, or sore fingers to a keyboard, and write real novels for real people to buy and to read. We can also take a novel, written by a person who does not speak English as their first language, and edit the work, we can even enhance the written English. Copyright remains with the writer of course.  

Book promotion.  We can help you to promote your eBook/novel or paper book through links on various eBook websites, and can boost your website's search engine exposure. Ask for details.

Website design.  We offer a basic website design service, cheap and cheerful, for as little as $80 and hosted for 1 year.

                                                                                                                          website is a good vanity publisher, it is not a “sales” website unless you have another website driving traffic towards it. Some people still like paper books to run their fingers over, and lulu is a cheap and effective way for a writer to self-publish and to “publish on demand” at low cost and with no set-up costs. Many budding writers have put a book on lulu and seen it in their hands a week or so later, and it’s a great feeling to have your novel looking like a professionally produced book – it will impress your friends.

Unfortunately, a typical small paperback on lulu will have a production cost of GBP 6-8 pounds (not including delivery of another GBP 6 pounds), and once you have put a pound or two on top for yourself you have an expensive book with a small margin. A large novel could have a production cost of GBP 12 pounds, and delivery of 6 pounds, so your audience better be very keen on you.

Where lulu does do very well is the printing of small numbers of technical or specialist books, non-fiction, where people don’t mind spending GBP 20 or 30 pounds. As a tool for the mass sales of your first small novel – forget it. The one advantage of lulu, and the advantage of a new novel that actually looks like a book, is that your friends and colleagues may be tempted to read and critique rather than attempt a ring-binder of 300 A4 pages. If it looks like a book, and is professionally produced, people will read it.

                                                            We'll help you take your novel apart, then put it back together again

Family members as editors

Having written a book, you should try and avoid family members and friends as people suitable to comment. Many will say it’s good when its crap – so as not to offend you, and some will say it’s crap because they are jealous. One of my close friends, a former close friend, said: “it’s crap, you’ll get nowhere, give up now.” Another said: “it’s racist, sexist, violent, and reads like it was written by a ten year old”.

I then put the story on SOL, and countless thousands of people read the same story, and they loved it, soon voted to the top slot. No one thought it sexist, racist, or crap. If I had listened to the friends and relatives camp I would have given up. Instead I listened to thousands of complete strangers, and they inspired me to write more, and now a hundred thousand people have read that story.

Every person has a particular genre of book that they like; if you write horror stories you won’t get a good review from grandma. That just means that it’s not grandma’s type of book. If you put a story online you will get people reading your book who look a hell of a lot like the type of people that would go looking for your type of book. Horror fans read horror.

Do not show your book to family and friends!!!!


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